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Council awarded £300,000 grant from International Lottery to invest in local small to business.

Porthampton City Council has been awarded £500,000 to invest in local industry by the International Lottery. The money was awarded to enable Porthampton City Council to invest in small to medium sized businesses within the region, enabling growth and diversification in suitable applicants. Applications are available from the Council offices and should be submitted by 31st July for consideration.

Chilly Frogs to Headline Local Music Festival

It’s just been announced that the eagerly awaited Porthampton Music Festival will be headlined by the internationally acclaimed rock band ‘The Chilly Frogs’.

News of who will headline the festival has been kept under lock and key, but it has today been confirmed that the self-proclaimed rock gods themselves will be performing from their highly successful new album ‘Off the Wall’. This is great news for the fledgling festival, and will be sure to boost already booming ticket sales to all new heights – be sure to get yours while there’s still some left!

Anna Raymond, events manager and spokesperson for the festival said ‘We’re thrilled to announce that the [Chilly] Frogs will be coming to Porthampton, and we’re sure they’ll make this festival one to remember’.

The festival, in its first year of production, had been target to a number of critics who doubt Porthamptons ability to hold such an event.  Despite these concerns the organisers have fought against criticisms and organised what promises to be the event of the year.

Today it seems the festival is going from strength to strength, and it seems as if nothing can keep this little festival from becoming one of the most popular independent music festivals in the UK.

Tickets to the festival are on sale now, and can be purchased from the festival website.

Porthampton Chosen to Host New Independent Music Festival

The mayor of Porthampton has today announced that our town had been chosen to host a new independent music festival this year. Talks as to where the festival would be hosted have been going on for months, and today the mayor was quoted saying ‘I’m excited to announce that our fair city will be hosting a brand new music festival, creating a boost in tourism and securing our place as a progressive, youth friendly city’.

There has been some criticism over this decision, with residents claiming the city is ill equipped to handle such an event. ‘It’s a great idea in theory; but the town just doesn’t have the manpower to organise something like this, it’s going to be chaos’ Lisa Willis, local business owner. Though the team that has been chosen to organise the event feels rather differently ‘sure it’s a big commitment, and there’s not a lot of time to organise everything, but we’ve got a good team working on it and I’m confident it’s going to be great’ Daniel Townsend, spokesperson for Porthampton city events.

Despite the reservations of some members of the community, the general mood towards the festival is one of great excitement, with many seeing it as a chance to prove that Porthampton can hold its own when it comes to large-scale events. This is truly a valuable asset to the town’s tourist board, and will be a great opportunity to show the rest of the UK what Porthampton can do is, and really put us on the map!

More details of the event, including where to buy tickets, will be available soon – keep reading The Bugle for updates.

Porthampton delegation visit Portswana

A small group of people, including the PCC planning officer, together with two members of public, have just been on a very important visit to our twin community in Portswana. The visit was organised and paid for by the twinning committee using money generously donated by Sir Clarence Tword. Delegates used the visit to further cement Porthampton’s relationship with Portswana and to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to this exciting partnership with a very deprived community. The Portswana community hosted our delegation for three hot but very moving days. Delegates where shown how projects funded by the Friends of Portswana have been helping the lives of those on the ground. The recent gift of farming tools have had a hugely positive impact on crop yield but also in making the lives of the farmers of Portswana much easier. The delegation, which included 78 yr old Jenny Faulton and 72 yr old Arthur Crainbridge who are both active fundraisers, where proud to announce a new project to build a new school building for the children of Porthampton. Money will be sent to help with the project but we are also looking for volunteers to raise money and go to Portswana to help build the school in early 2013.

Please contact Carl Bainbridge on the Twinning Committee for more details.

City centre redevelopment given the ok

The redevelopment of Porthampton’s city centre was approved earlier today by the City Council.


The plans build on the recent development of the Harbourside Centre to help foster the city’s reputation as a leisure destination.


The works will see a redesign of the city’s pedestrian shopping area with a large retail development to be situated on the prior site of the cattle market at the north end of the district as well as new lighting, furniture and sculpture to reflect Porthampton’s rich historic and cultural background.


The development will create numerous new jobs within the city both in the building phase and once the plans are complete.

Council to provide help for local businesses

Porthampton City Council will be providing a seminar for local businesses with free advice and consultancy on marketing.


The event will feature Business Ties Marketing Consultant Alex Kirkland and will offer practical advice to businesses.


The seminar will take place in the Porthampton City Council conference centre on 26th March between 6pm and 9pm. Spaces are limited so booking is advised. Refreshments will be provided.

3 Ways to improve your business

Porthampton City Council wants its businesses to develop their potential to the fullest and is providing some practical support and advice in how to achieve this.


1.      Contact Business Link – clear and trustworthy information to help you get the most from your business

2.      Develop your staff – if your staff achieve their full potential, so will your business. Train to Gain offer Learning and Skills Council appointed skills brokers to help develop learning and skills packages for your business.

3.      Go Green – The Environment Centre can help you reduce your energy consumption, having a direct impact on your expenses.

Harbourside Centre launches


The Harbourside Centre, our newly constructed shopping centre in its spectacular waterside location launched recently to widespread acclaim. The Centre mixes over 100 shops with 40 bars and restaurants and other leisure facilities to provide brand new venue where you can wander the boulevards and enjoy the harbour views.

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