Porthampton Chosen to Host New Independent Music Festival

The mayor of Porthampton has today announced that our town had been chosen to host a new independent music festival this year. Talks as to where the festival would be hosted have been going on for months, and today the mayor was quoted saying ‘I’m excited to announce that our fair city will be hosting a brand new music festival, creating a boost in tourism and securing our place as a progressive, youth friendly city’.

There has been some criticism over this decision, with residents claiming the city is ill equipped to handle such an event. ‘It’s a great idea in theory; but the town just doesn’t have the manpower to organise something like this, it’s going to be chaos’ Lisa Willis, local business owner. Though the team that has been chosen to organise the event feels rather differently ‘sure it’s a big commitment, and there’s not a lot of time to organise everything, but we’ve got a good team working on it and I’m confident it’s going to be great’ Daniel Townsend, spokesperson for Porthampton city events.

Despite the reservations of some members of the community, the general mood towards the festival is one of great excitement, with many seeing it as a chance to prove that Porthampton can hold its own when it comes to large-scale events. This is truly a valuable asset to the town’s tourist board, and will be a great opportunity to show the rest of the UK what Porthampton can do is, and really put us on the map!

More details of the event, including where to buy tickets, will be available soon – keep reading The Bugle for updates.

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