Chilly Frogs to Headline Local Music Festival

It’s just been announced that the eagerly awaited Porthampton Music Festival will be headlined by the internationally acclaimed rock band ‘The Chilly Frogs’.

News of who will headline the festival has been kept under lock and key, but it has today been confirmed that the self-proclaimed rock gods themselves will be performing from their highly successful new album ‘Off the Wall’. This is great news for the fledgling festival, and will be sure to boost already booming ticket sales to all new heights – be sure to get yours while there’s still some left!

Anna Raymond, events manager and spokesperson for the festival said ‘We’re thrilled to announce that the [Chilly] Frogs will be coming to Porthampton, and we’re sure they’ll make this festival one to remember’.

The festival, in its first year of production, had been target to a number of critics who doubt Porthamptons ability to hold such an event.  Despite these concerns the organisers have fought against criticisms and organised what promises to be the event of the year.

Today it seems the festival is going from strength to strength, and it seems as if nothing can keep this little festival from becoming one of the most popular independent music festivals in the UK.

Tickets to the festival are on sale now, and can be purchased from the festival website.

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