Porthampton delegation visit Portswana

A small group of people, including the PCC planning officer, together with two members of public, have just been on a very important visit to our twin community in Portswana. The visit was organised and paid for by the twinning committee using money generously donated by Sir Clarence Tword. Delegates used the visit to further cement Porthampton’s relationship with Portswana and to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to this exciting partnership with a very deprived community. The Portswana community hosted our delegation for three hot but very moving days. Delegates where shown how projects funded by the Friends of Portswana have been helping the lives of those on the ground. The recent gift of farming tools have had a hugely positive impact on crop yield but also in making the lives of the farmers of Portswana much easier. The delegation, which included 78 yr old Jenny Faulton and 72 yr old Arthur Crainbridge who are both active fundraisers, where proud to announce a new project to build a new school building for the children of Porthampton. Money will be sent to help with the project but we are also looking for volunteers to raise money and go to Portswana to help build the school in early 2013.

Please contact Carl Bainbridge on the Twinning Committee for more details.

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