Porthampton has built a formidable national and international reputation as a place of innovation, excellence and entrepreneurship. Already well known for its international port, it has grown to become a cultured business, leisure and residential locale with a broad employment base.

The city has grown to include industries such as aerospace, marine, information and communications, manufacturing, thriving retail businesses and the creative industries.

The city is also changing in appearance, with the £280 million Harbourside Centre development, and £15 million Taylor Sports Centre adding new landmarks to the city. With other projects currently in development, there will be plenty of opportunities for businesses to leave their mark on Porthampton.

Further Information

SEEDA helps to support businesses in the South East of England, and is respoinsible for the sustainable development and regeneration of the region. For more information look at the SEEDA website

The UK Trade & Investment Team South East are a government organisation that provides expert advice on trading overseas. You can find out more at the UKTI website