Local Schools

To find information about the schools in Porthampton, including ofsted reports and school profiles, click here to go to the Directgov web search.

For school closure information, please listen to the local ‘Porthampton Aire’ station (81.5FM) and check local news broadcasts.

New School Consultation

Consultation for a new primary school in Dock View Road is ongoing. The proposed contract would be delivered by Porthampton City in partnership with Smithson Plc. Building plans would create 298 additional primary school places for the local area. Contact the City Council for updates and to express opinion.

‘Grow your own’ Scheme

Local schools are now eligible to take part in the Porthampton CC ‘Grow your own’ scheme that encourages children of all ages to get their hands dirty growing their own fruit and veg. Run in conjunction with Runnerbeanz project group, nine of our local school have got involved and produced tomatoes, strawberries, runner beans and much more… If you would like to get involved, or you want your school to get involved, contact the Runnerbeanz team.